"The first question many parents and professionals often ask when beginning to use a homemade blended formula is 'What recipe should I use for my child?'.....When parents consult other parents to learn what they're including in their homemade blended formulas, they often find that formulas designed for other children don't fit the specific needs of their own child......Parents quickly realize that the 'best' recipe for homemade blended formulas doesn't exist."
   - from The Homemade Blended Formula Handbook: Klein, Morris et al

I agree with those sentiments expressed above, and feel it's vitally important to realise that there is no recipe here, or anywhere else, that is right for you.  Only you will determine what is best.

However, with an entire universe of food to consider, and without the guiding hand of tradition in culinary arts (cooking for regular plate food) many people do want a familiar-feeling place to start, like a recipe.  I am compiling here a list of inspirational recipes so you can encounter a breadth of possibilities, and see what has worked for others.  Some are very simple, others very complex.  Some have calorie counts, others do not.  There are allsorts.

So please take a moment to browse around, there's so much to learn from even in this little list.  Don't forget there are more sites with recipes and know-how on the LINKS page too.

If you have a recipe you'd like to share then please email me HERE so I can pop it up and share it with the world.

Kris's start-out blend
Michelle's basic blend
Sacha's 2yo recipe
Sacha's spreadsheet info
Tina's basic blend
Anna's recipe
Nathan's breakfast
Darcy's double blend
Jenny and Katy's food stuff
Michelle S's vegan blend
A sample from Beverly
Beth's "Antonia Soup" blend-fest
Dawn's pre-Vitamix blend
Joleanna's simple breakfast for Demetri
Nancy's blend for Leigh

Hi-Cal Blend foods to add.

Don't forget, there is lots of info on working out your plan for starting out HERE, and resources on the links page.  Happy blending!