September 17, 2010

Dawn's pre-Vitamix blend

Lots of folks start out without an expensive blender - for many reasons - so prefer to rely for that time on easier-to-blend foods.  Here's a simple one from Dawn that uses regular baby foods and smoother-textured things to make life easier without something like a Vitamix.  I believe Dawn has one now though.

1 jar each - bananas and plums (#2 baby food)
2 jars meat or 1 hardboiled egg and jar of meat
1 jar applesauce, pears, green beans, mixed vegetables or carrots (#2 baby food)
1 jar sweet potatoes, apricots, peaches, or squash (#2 baby food)
Note: I usually use one veggie and 1 fruit from the previous 2 lines
1/2 C yogurt or cottage cheese
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 serving of starch - cream of wheat, oat bran, grits, or oatmeal – grits and
oatmeal need to be ground up in coffee grinder first cooked in 1 c whole milk
1 serving of wheat germ or flax seeds (ground up in coffee grinder) - if you do
decide to use either, start slow
4 tsp cornstarch – don't use with oat bran or oatmeal
½ tsp salt

this is about 1,000 cals and makes about 4- 150ccs of food. 

I only use 2 of them a day and then make a morning puree of:
1/3 c yogurt
1/3 c granola (ground up in coffee grinder)
1/2 c fruit (I liked to use frozen blueberries, mangos, or cherries)
liquid to thin, if necessary

makes about 150cc's

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