September 8, 2010

Tina's basic blend

Tina and her dietitian worked out this basic guideline as a starting point for young June.  Tina no longer measures stuff, and she rotates her ingredients daily.

1and3/4 cup whole grain-cooked oats, rice, quinoa, or I and a half slices
of wheat bread

1 cup veggies- I use some fresh and some frozen to help keep the blend cold

1 cup fruit- fresh or frozen

2 oz. meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans etc.

2 cups rice or soy milk

then every day I add a pinch of salt (unless one of my ingredients has it)
maple syrup or molasses, olive or grapeseed oil- about two tablespoons, and
sometimes coconut milk

So this is June's basic blend, she is 4 and a half and has fairly low caloric
needs. I use a vitamix to blend and make it fresh each day because I find it
works best for me that way.
One thing I have learned is to be careful to get a good mix of color with the
fruits and veggies. I was really into sweet potatoes and carrots and turned
June a bit orange for a bit. I was just so happy to be giving her food that
wasn't white.

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