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Groups and peer support.
A new forum using a thread-based setup that lets you follow topics of interest, join in conversations, and more easily find what you're after in the 'group wisdom' sens.  Hop on, learn, and help out!

Feeding Tube Awareness
This is an excellent site run by parents of 'tubie' kids, with a wealth of information, experiences, and opinion on all things to do with kids and tubefeeding.  Links to their Facebook site also.  If you have a tubie kid, you want to visit this site.
UPDATED: Now with this special Blenderized Diet page too! Click THIS to go straight there.

tubefeeding group
Support more solely focused on tube and tube feeding issues.  Great resource and another supportive and useful group.  As with the BD group, you need to join, and it's easy too.

the Oley Foundation
Not-for-profit US-based organisation providing support for those doing at-home tube and IV feeding.

Provides support, education and information on all things Blenderized Diet and tubefeeding.  This has been a very busy group. Personally I can no longer endorse the quality of information available there as it seems some censorship is practiced about what resources member can and cannot share with the group.  It's a members-only group, so you have to apply.  But it did used to be great, and who knows, one day it could be again.

BD Resources

Ainsley Rae - Blenderized Diet
Great big page with story and how-to from a mom that has lots of experience.  Videos and all.

Homemade Blenderized Diet Handbook
Where to buy this book.  I've read it now, so can say it's a truly useful tome especially if you're a 'paper-type' person.  Focussed mainly on small kids and constructed around the concept of normalising 'mealtimes' it also contains lots of essays and articles from different contributors, charts for food stuffs, and how-tos for recipes.  I won't say it's an essential, but for those who want LOTS of information in a book format, this is a very good place to start.
You can also buy it HERE.

Site by one of the founders of the BD Yahoo group with some background,  info, recipes and so on. 

Blenders and Blending

Their home site.  If you live outside the US, google for Vitamix + your country to find stockists.

Their home site.  As with VM above, include your home country in a google search for local info.

Comparo sites: Blendtec vs Vitamix
There are tons of these out there, Here are a few of the more useful or intriguing ones:
And this one on the VM vs a K-Tec, apparently a Blendtec copy

Sites not so easily categorised
Here's a pdf format study done for Practical Gastroenterology looking at differences amongst commercially available enteral formulas, with a tiny section on BD at the end.  Well worth a read to learn more about canned formulas at least.

New Visions
Home site of an organisation providing help to professionals and parents working with infants and children with feeding, swallowing, oral-motor, and pre-speech problems.  Advocates of BD also.

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