September 8, 2010

A sample from Beverly

Young Bonnie gets a really varied diet.  This is just an example of what Beverly made for her one day.

1 cup oatmeal. That is a whopping 180 calories. I do not cook it first. This
helps with her reflux.
1 banana. It was a pretty big one. Sayler scale said it was about 80 calories
1 cup frozen beans. That is about 50 calories
2 pieces tandoori chicken, with skin(gross but caloric!)about 200 calories, give
or take
4 T olive oil, for 480 calories
3 calcium tablets, dash of salt, fluoride

Now this is just under 1000. When she needs more I usually throw in more oats.
For example tonight she might get hungry early. If she does, I'll whip up
another blend. Quite often it would then be our fresh eggs.

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