Thanks for your help.

You may have landed here because you've just completed the Blenderized Diet Experience Survey, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again, and to thank our sponsor for the survey, Vitamix Australia.  Your time and effort in completing the survey is truly appreciated and invaluable.

(If you've found this page another way, have used BD at all, and have a moment to take the survey, please do - you'll find it right HERE.)

This is the Vitamix 5200. Click HERE to visit Vitamix Australia or find your local Vitamix site.

I created the survey with the help of a few other excellent volunteers, but using and hosting professional survey software takes a little cash, which I'm not exactly rolling in.  The very lovely folks at Vitamix Australia agreed to cover the costs of doing so for no other return than a simple picture on this site and a link to their website.  They didn't pay me to like them, or say nice things about them, and my agreement with them very explicitly allows me to say anything I want about them and also to accept sponsorship from anyone else (including their competitors) if I so choose.  

So I say nice things about them simply because I want to.  They make fabulous machines and have the sort of customer service reputation that would in an ideal world be the gold standard.  I really like my Vitamix.

Now you're here you'll find tons of information sourced from all over the world and many peoples' personal experiences about doing a blenderized diet, stuff about tubefeeding, and a good smattering of fun and games about the place.  Please have a browse around, there's something to learn for everyone here.

Thanks again, and all the best,

Eric Aadhaar O'Gorman.