September 8, 2010

Jenny and Katy's food stuff

This below is pasted from Jenny's comments on another post.  I've included everything she wrote because it can help to know a history when seeing how someone has designed their blends.....

I love your site. Many people just suffer through formula life never knowing how good life can be with real food. My daughter, Katy got her g tube at 10 months old and I fed her human milk exclusively from birth until 2 years old. She still had reflux even on my milk. I later figured out why. Katy does not tolerate milk, soy, corn, eggs and oranges. I had eliminated milk and soy from my diet, but was eating corn, eggs and oranges. When Katy turned 2, I started adding baby foods one at a time to look for sensitivities, that is when I discovered her sensitivities. Once I had a good variety of tolerated foods, I began to cut back on the breastmilk as the base and switch to milk substitutes like Vance's Dari-Free(potato based milk sub) or rice milk. I did not introduce nuts until she was 4, now I use mostly hazelnut or almond milk as the liquid base. I go by the food pyramid at to determine how much and what, then tweak it to meet Katy's needs. Katy is 6 years old, but is the size of a 2-3 year old, I use the food pyramid for an active 5 year old to account for her age and size together. Katy is very active and burns a lot of calories, very high metabolism. Her pyramid is 1600 calories and includes:

5oz of grains
2 cups of veggies
1.5 cups of fruits
2 cups of milk
5 oz of meat

I blend foods that taste good together, I always have, but now it is more important because she began eating her food by mouth, thickened with mashed potato flakes or wheat germ about 2 months ago. A days worth of food follows:

1 packet of cream of wheat made with 2/3 cup of milk sub
3/4 cup fruit
2 tblsp of honey
2 tblsp of nut butter
a little margarine(non-hydrogenated, dairy and soy free)
daily vitamin

1/2 cup of veggies cooked with margarine with a little mashed potato flakes and some seasonings

1 packet of cream of rice made with 2/3 cup of milk
3/4 cup of fruit
2 tblsp of nut butter
a little margarine
2 tblsp of honey
vitmains and wheat germ as needed to thicken

1/2 cup veggies cooked with margarine with mashed potato flakes to thicken with seasonings

5 oz of meat
1 cup of veggies cooked with margarine
2/3 cup of milk sub
1 tblsp of oil(usually an oil that has omega 3's)
wheat germ or mashed potato flakes

Katy also drinks water, fruit juice and milk subs through out the day, no soda pop for Katy because of her corn sensitvities.

Because Katy doesn't tolerate milk or soy, we use almond, hazelnut or some other milk sub. These milk subs lack the fat and protein of cows milk so that is the reason I use nuts or nut butter in my blend, they add the nutrition that the milk subs don't quite live up to. This is our goal plan and she rarely gets all those veggies in, but we are working on it. She eats much healthier than any other child her age because none of it is processed and sugar laden.

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