I take full and complete responsibility for my actions, thoughts and words, right or wrong, correct or incorrect, on this site and in my life.  I take absolutely no responsibility for anything you do, think, or experience as a result of any action, thought or word of mine.

This site is full of my opinions.  It also contains the opinions of others, which I may or may not agree with. I think most or all of my opinions are good, or I wouldn't have them.  From time to time I change my mind or learn something new, and I hope your life is like that too.  what I say is good for me (usually) but maybe not for you.  You must decide, with your own discretion, what is right for you right now.

I am not a qualified medical professional and nothing I offer here should be misconstrued as comprising qualified advice or instruction.  I make no claims to be always correct with information, although I always try my best.  If you can show me where and how I am wrong about something, please do.

If you do choose to do, think, or say something as a result of what you read on this site, then you must understand, as with all of your life, that you are responsible for that - not me.

My intentions and motivations in creating and/or reproducing material on this site are, as far as I'm concerned, truthful, loving and honourable.  I mean no harm.  

If you fall off your chair laughing, well sorry, but I am not liable.  If your tube does not get unclogged using some method I report as having been effective, well, try another.  It was your choice to try it, not mine.  If you get tired eyes from reading this site, I suggest taking a rest.  I am not liable for your eye strain.  If you are offended by something I have written, I am sorry, but it is your offence, not my offence against you.  Please express any displeasure to me and I'll try to do a better job of communication.  I think we have the general idea now, yes?

Opinion, remember, that is all.

Just because it's in writing doesn't always make it true.

What you do is up to you.