April 16, 2011

Sale! Sale! Sale! Ads - the results.

Many, many people responded to my question about putting ads on this site.  Here's what you said:

You said OK, we get it, go for it, thanks for asking, and it would be nice if they weren't horrible flashy ads that annoy or pop up.  No-one objected in the slightest.

You also said many, many kind things, which out of modesty I shall not repeat here.  But you know who you all are, and what you said, so thank you.

I've been rather busy the last few days, as most of you will know, with one thing and another, or I'd have managed to get the ads up sooner.  In a self-interested way this would have been good as the traffic here went THROUGH THE ROOF the last two days.  So, yes, thanks.  Google ads for now, as I work on a better arrangement later.  I don't know how it will work out, they won't reveal their payment structure anyway, but I do know I receive tiny amounts by you just being here, and more if you click the ads.  But please don't click the ads if you don't want to go to those places.  Google apparently are very sensitive to 'click fraud' and if there are too many clicks they just stop paying me.  Yes, their motto is 'don't be evil'.  Still, I am looking for better alternatives soon.

Thanks for you continued support.

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