June 13, 2010

OK Go!

I reckon I've hit the 80% ready mark now so for now, I'm done.

Welcome to the new blog site.  The pages listed over to the right are where all the main information is and shall reside.  Blog posts will come as they do, containing hints, tips, stories, recipes and so on.  If you have something you would like linked, or you want to send me a suggestion, then check out the Contact page.

On topic, here's what I just blended today.  Those of you familiar with my other blog will understand my measurement system, I'm sure. Usual disclaimer re faulty memory also :-)

Sesame seeds, a short pouring
Dried cranberries, small half handful
Chia seeds, maybe a Tblspn or two
Pecans, about 20
Almonds, about 30
Orange sweet potatoes (raw), a couple of medium ones
Half a lebanese cucumber
2 medium paprika (fresh) from the garden, seeded
An avocado
Applesauce - it's really apple, red pear and spice stuff I made a while back, about a cup and a half
Sunflower pumpernickel bread, the really dense stuff, maybe 100 grams
Olive oil, a long splash and gurgle (local Extra Virgin)
Wakame seaweed flakes, a big sprinkle
Ground cardamom, ginger powder, dried fennel seed and dill tops - some.
Oat milk, 1 litre
about 500 ml water, as it was surprisingly thick.

I recently learned that almonds are a natural thickener, but I inconveniently forgot this earlier when combining with avo and sesame - both thickeners as well - and I suspect the debse rye and sunflower contributed a fair bit too.  Made just under 2.5 litres and is still a little bit too thick to gravity feed bolus-wise.  What this means is depending on my feeling in the moment I either dilute it a bit (if I feel volume is not an issue) so it runs nicely (my preferred option) or just do the old fill/plunge/unplug/deplunge/insert/fill/plunge etc routine.

Here's an irrelevant picture of some rhinoceros.

From our awesome day at the zoo.

So, yes, welcome.



  1. Eric,
    I noticed you added apples to your blend. What are your thoughts on eating the seeds?

  2. I have heard that to get poisoned by the seeds one would have o be eating the seeds of 20 apples a day for at least 20 years before *starting* to get to a health-effecting level. I go with VitaMix on this one, and when I haven't made applesauce (because we accidentally bought too many great apples etc) I just throw them in minus stem.

  3. Thank you; that's what I've read too. I was worried because I got a headache the last time I had apple seeds so I was thinking the arsenic might be more potent when it's grinded up by the Vitamix. Most people just swallow them whole if they're eating by mouth so they pass harmlessly through the system. But since we grind them up I thought we might get more arsenic in our system. But anyway, I hadn't had a headache until now so I'll try them again. I heard they can be beneficial, though there is some controversy about that when I did a search on the internet. -Brian