June 5, 2010

First post, blog under construction.

I've started this blog in part to meet a need elsewhere - on the Blenderized Diet, BlenderizedDietAdult and tubefeeding fora hosted in Yahoo! groups and in other similar places.  Many people join these groups all the time, and mostly ask the same sorts of questions, but the groups aren't really set up to have a simple FAQ or starter page.  the other motivation is to provide an extra resource for those using tubes for nutrition, especially those incorporating real food.

I intend to do a 'how-to' for starting out with BD (Blenderized Diet) for those who feed via a tube of some sort, have a few FAQ type things on BD and tube feeding, and update with stories and information on these and related subjects.  Comments will be enabled, unmoderated at this stage I think, and thus free for all.

I'm keeping it separate from my original blog (still going strong), Entropy and Light, for ease of use, and to keep this one more 'on-message'.  Entropy and Light is a totally different kettle of fish.  It's so different, it's not actually a kettle of fish at all.  It's especially not a kettle of sardines, nutritious though they may be.  But I digress.

As usual, I have no idea how it'll work out.  Let's just go and see!  It'll take me some days to start, so if you're here early, do be sure to pop back every now and then.

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