June 9, 2010

Construction update...

OK, so it's taking just a bit longer than I had originally anticipated, in part due to the beautiful weather here right now (gardening while the sun is out) and in part due to a small on-topic personal crisis as related HERE.  Anyway, things are headed back on track now so I'll be ready to hit the 'go' button very soon.

I'm a firm believer in the 80% rule.  As in, "you'll never be 100% ready for anything, so as soon as you've got it up to 80, then GO!" A strong and ancient part of my persona is that of the exacting cratfsman - or to put it another way, paralysis through perfectionism.  The 80% thing subverts that nicely.

Right now there are over half the 'bones' in place, and the real large one (the spine?) on BD is just about underway.  I think I know how to get it rolling in the right direction.  Then launch, and the real fun begins.  The part where you get to throw your 2 cents (that's 5 cents with inflation and rounding) worth in.

I have a wonderful sense of antici......


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