June 14, 2010

In case I wasn't clear...

It's become apparent to me that there may be some people about who are less than wondrously rejoiceful that this site exists.  I admit I was a tiny bit taken aback at this news, but it's a recurring theme of my life and one I have no intention of doing anything to change.  You see, I am rather an optimist and tend to project my optimism about willy-nilly on to others - I assume they will see the good in things (and maybe in me?) first and put their own issues far behind.  Goodness knows you can easily accuse me of hypocrisy on this one as I'm far from perfect but it should say something about my motivations that I am always surprised when someone thinks my good intentions are worthy of suspicion, sanction, or some other negative response.

This site is not intended as competition with any other information resource available.  I do not judge any other resource here.  I intend no affront to the expertise and experience of those who have been living and helping others with BD and tube feeding far longer than I, and I seek to take no personal gain from what I have learned from anyone.  I have used nothing that was not freely offered to the public domain, and where that domain also has a required element of confidentiality I am scrupulous in not crossing that boundary.

I simply believe that information wants to be free.  Liberty is a good thing when it comes to knowledge.

That in cases like this, (I mean the BD thing) where a bit of social change is called for, every little bit can help, and it is simply inappropriate to make competitive assumption or comparison between sites, books, groups, or what have you. 

Take what you find useful, and ignore that which you do not. 

I understand that there is a feeling in some circles that others have tried to leverage personal gain from the good efforts and intentions of others.  If this is the case, and if this was done unfairly, then this is sad.  However it is no reason to decry, or even shun the resulting work if that work may help someone in need.

I shall draw a long bow, with a sinister and extreme analogy:
Much of what we know about treating decompression sickness is based on experiments carried out by Nazis on prisoners of war and other helpless victims, many or most of whom suffered terribly and died as a result.  Unpleasant and woeful as this may be, we did not choose to ignore the lessons learned and refuse to treat sufferers because of where the information came from.

What I am sharing and aim to share here in no way impedes freedom of speech, invades anyone's privacy, betrays anyone's confidence, or detracts in any way from the good name or work of others, OK?  If you feel this to be in some way incorrect *please* tell me so I can address it if needs be.

For people to gain the insight of the crowd, it requires a crowd to respond.  I have trawled some 'crowds' for the benefit of whomsoever wanders by and finds this site, not for self-aggrandisement, but for everyone.  Of course it has my personal skew but that's inevitable.  I embrace this, and take responsibility for it.  The inability of more than 5 people to get true consensus on anything means that a summation of material must necessarily be done by one of only a few people if it is in any way to succeed.  I do like to think I have some small talent to offer in this regard, as my personal history shows me.  My reward (if there can be said to be one) is seeing change happen and lives improve.  That is all.

If you have information you do not wish to release to others for their own wellbeing, of course, that is your right.  I suggest you do not tell a soul.  For if history can teach us anything, it is that thought spreads, the word always gets out.  Information wants to be free.

My only hope is that whatever choices you make, you do so in the light of consciousness, conscience, and love.
You know something really important though?

Flowers.  Here's some now :-)


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  1. I have been there a while, but I still have no clue what the yuckiness was. I guess that makes me lucky. :-) I, for one, am grateful for the work you expended to make this site. This, in addition to the few others out there will be very helpful for those attempting to make this journey for themselves or their loved ones. I agree that the more places to find info, the better informed we can all be. WE all have our own slant on nutrition, and it's wonderful to see the views of others. :-)