February 20, 2011

What I blended just then

It's been a while since I posted a blend, so here was today's.  There will be another to do shortly as I want to stock up a bit, but here's what happened in round one:

Quinoa, large handful, raw
Chia seed, half handful, raw.
Biodynamic almonds, raw, handful
Goji berries (dried) maybe 40 or 50
Cannelini beans, 1 tin (organic, drained)
Coconut milk (small tin)
Handful basil leaves (from garden)
2 smallish cucumbers from garden
Sweet potato, a mediumish one
2 strawberries (that's all I could find growing today - I blame the oral eater of the family for that one :-)
Dill tops (dried), turmeric, ginger (dried) all about 1/2 tsp each
Local organic EVOO, a large slurp
Flaxseed oil, small slurp
Agave syrup, dark, decent squirt
Oat milk around 750 ml
Beetroot and apple juice (75% beetroot) 750 ml.

Made just under 3 litres, and I'm guessing is around 30 cal/oz.

Lovely colour too.

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