May 12, 2011

Roger Ebert goes BD

A couple of posts back I linked to one of Roger Ebert's journal articles talking about his g-tube.  I was moved to comment with a link to this site and others, and to ask why with his situation and resources (ans awareness) he was not utilising a more wholefood diet.  Well, others no doubt spoke with him too.

Long story short, here is a film review (of a film you will probably benefit from seeing) where Roger speaks some more on the food issue.  He also tells us he's ditching his canned formula, and heading into BD - with his doctor's blessing.  Yay Roger!



  1. So cool!!! I hope he keeps posting more about any changes he feels. We have a celeb in our mix!!

  2. This made me SO happy to read. Forks Over Knives was so great. I plan on buying many copies so I can share with everyone I know. The men featured in the movie, Campbell and Esselstyn, have changed my families lives and Dr Esselstyn even saved our friend's life personally. I believe in what they promote wholeheartedly because it's backed by science and common sense. Hooray for plant food!