May 7, 2011

No irony deficiency here - plus an update.

Have you noticed the ads?  Of course you have.  I'm still feeling a little sorry I went down that path, but needs must, and all that.  PLUS, how funny is it?  Google shows you ads based on your IP (your approximate physical location) and the contents of the blog sorted by keywords, phrases and recency.  Food is mentioned a LOT here, isn't it?  Almost every time I've been here to write or check or whatever, I'm getting ads for local restaurants or restaurant guides.  Perfect irony, I'm sure you'll agree.  I also see ads for Sustagen Hospital Formula so it's pretty smart for something done by what is essentially a robot.

Anyway, the update:  the Facebook page passed the 300 member mark and it's been what, 3 weeks or so?  The forum is moving along very nicely too, but still needs some work.  Turns out, it's harder to wrangle with virtually no skills and no budget and very kind but part-time help than Beverly or I probably anticipated, but still; we're getting there.  So here's my plea: can anyone help with or recommend someone lovely and cheap to help with getting the site up to the next level (it's running on Joomla, supposedly the easiest and best DIY software available - Bev and I are just total noobs to it is all) and show us the basics of how to shunt stuff about from there?  Thanks.

I'm very keen to make the front page look good and essentially replicate the prime informational stuff here.  To make it a good one-stop place to spend half an hour reading the essence of what we have all learned is most important to know when considering getting into BD.  Like these pages over on the right-hand menu here are>>>>>>>

Secondly, live chat.  I've had lots of feedback that people are really into that for discussing things and that's a priority for us too.

I feel rather chuffed and definitely gratified that Roger Ebert replied to me recently (see previous post), and is now apparently looking more closely at BD for himself.  Busy man, but nice to know he actually reads his readers' comments and responds too, isn't it?

That's all for now (I can never write much here in respite), keep your eyes peeled next week, I suspect exciting developments once I return home!

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