March 8, 2011

BD Experience Survey Results!

Alright everyone,

as promised, here are the results.  If you included your email address in your response, you have already received an email directing you here.

My apologies firstly for the delay - life has had other plans for me it seems (I'll spare you the details) but at last, here we go!

Please note, the responses linked here are in their original, unedited form, EXCEPT that they have had all the demographic and identifying data removed - names, email addresses and such.  Also, although there were 131 who started the survey, only 112 successfully completed it.   Many of these were because people came back to it after getting partway through and being interrupted (or whatever) but unfortunately the survey software did not recognise this and started a new survey. The software limitations are such that I cannot remove those who did not complete the survey from this type of report sharing, but the data outcomes are almost entirely identical each way.  For more academic purposes, these part-completed surveys can be redacted also.  Anyway:  Here it is:

EDIT: Oops! My bad.  In my zealousness to protect people's names etc, I accidentally also hid the rest of the 'background' section - ages of the subjects, dates for feeding problems starting, tube emplacement etc.  Fixed now though!

So, what happens next?

Well, that's partly up to you.  I will now, as able, recommence studying the data more closely for interesting and edifying cross-correlations and so forth, and will post them up here from time to time.  How can you help?  First, by asking questions (email me HERE or even better post as a comment below to inspire others) about what you would want to know from the data (for example, of those who had little significant improvement in reflux, what was the percent that did/did not report giving free water regularly - that sort of thing), and secondly, by alerting me to any of your personal contacts who may wish to take this further.  Maybe there's a final year med student you know needing to do a case study, or someone like that?  Be creative in your thinking.

Lastly, thanks hugely to everyone that completed the survey, and even more hugelyer to those who gave of their time and brainspace to help and to encourage along the way..  We have results to show for it, and now they can be free for everyone.  Thanks.

Oh yeah, and very lastly, if you wish for a printable pdf form of the results, just email me.  At present, it seems the pdf can only do the results minus all the comments and open-ended responses, but all the data is otherwise there.


  1. Eric, Thanks for doing the survey. Some very interesting info about tubefeeders. It's very apparent from the people who took the survey that using real blended food makes a big difference. I'm curious to know the age breakdown of the various responders.

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