November 8, 2011

Millet Seed and Fruit Breakfasty thing.

I can imagine this working really nicely as a warm toasty fresh porridge, maybe with stewed apple or fresh banana instead of the mango if you're having it hot.  You'd of course only cook the millet and throw in the dried cranberries half-way to rehydrate a bit and get squishy, then just toss all the rest of the ingredients through.  I used mango today because I had two lying around.  You could also swap in any old grain.  If you used raw oats then you could do the whole thing raw as a cold muesli with cold oat milk.  Yum!

Anyway, it's a high-cal, fairly low-GI and very easy-to-make blend, at 41 cal/oz.

Millet, 1/4cup/100g uncooked weight: 356 cal
Mangos, 2 x med: 225 cal
Pepitas, 50g:  282 cal
Pistachios 50g:  282 cal
Cranberries, dried, 50g:  161 cal
Dates, fresh, 125g:  320 cal
Tahini, 20ml:  130 cal
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 60ml:  480 cal
Agave nectar, 60ml:  180 cal
Oat milk 1 litre: 578 cal
Cardamom 1tsp: 0 cal.

Total amounts:  Protein 73g / Fat 107g / Carb 289g

Total volume 2 litres = 8 x 250ml servings @374 cal each
1.49 cal/ml
44.89 cal/oz

You could use this as a template very easily.  Just rotate around the different categories: use different nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit, oils, and even the grain and milk substitute.  Imagine what might have a good taste/texture combo if you're going to eat some yourself.  Importantly, to lower the caloric density, you could very easily  triple the amount of millet and delete the agave nectar, adding water to make 3 litres and giving then 35 cal/oz.  This would bring the carb ratio down a bit also, but note that all these ingredients bar the mango are very low-GI so this blend shouldn't cause a 'sugar spike'.

As it turned out, the only things not organic in this blend were the cranberries and cardamom, which was nice but of course not necessary.  I'd never used millet before, and the internet told me that it's best to toast it lightly in the saucepan until it starts to smell all delicious; this brings out the deeper nuttier flavour.  Then add in 3 times the volume of water as  millet, boil, simmer covered for maybe 10 or 15 mins.  This gives you nicely fluffy al dente millet but if you were making a porridge to eat you'd add water in as it cooked and stir it on the way a bit.  I blended the hard stuff for a second or two (literally) first then just plopped everything in and blended for a minute.  Done.

It's cooling right now so I've not had any yet.  Smells pretty nice, with the tahini probably the dominant note. Looking at it just now, I have to say it's surprisingly thin and I'm not expecting it will thicken too much more in the fridge.  As thin as a nice crepe batter perhaps.  That's the thing about using a few hi-cal ingredients of course.  That 100g of nuts and seeds, which is easily less than half a cup, that splash of agave and olive oil and the dates, really give it bang for your buck.  Easily digestible too I should think judging by experience.  I have eaten millet previously, just never cooked with it.

Enjoy!  I shall go and have some now.......


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