November 21, 2010

I'm excited: New Survey Trial

I'm excited.  I'm hooking up with some other equally motivated folks to use the awesome power of internet data collection to do something that's missing from the whole Blenderized Diet oeuvre.  A proper, wide-ranging study of people's experiences and evidence about the differences between feeding with canned formula and feeding with actual food.

To that end, I'm testing some online survey software - the cheap-ass free version, sure, but a useful start - and I want you to take the survey please.  It'll take 5 minutes.  You'll like it, I promise.

Hopefully, this link will work.  thanks!

Click here to take survey



  1. I can answer surveys about silly things like giraffes and coconuts but not serious issues..

  2. Vicki, you just try and tell a coconut that it isn't a serious thing. Or a giraffe. See what happens have been warned. Coconuts have tempers! Look out! :-)